A simple formula for producing a champion has not yet been discovered.

The purpose of this registry - To register Irish Draught and Irish Draught related horses from birth on.

The Irish Draught Horse is known world wide for its stamina, athleticism, ease of maintenance, trainability and gentle nature. Originating probably with the Irish Hobby this small hardy athletic animal was crossed with the larger chargers brought over by the Normans during the Norman Conquest to give the horse more size. Consequently Andalusian blood was infused into the breed to produce more refinement and stamina. Andalusian characteristics can still be seen in many of these animals in the texture of mane and tail the uphill and graceful top line and the strong hindquarters designed for collection and engagement. During the times that this breed came dangerously close to extinction it was revived by the infusion of Thoroughbred blood. Often the first cross to Thoroughbred is almost identical to the purebred in size and bone. Occasionally other breeds were crossed experimentally and sometimes though sacrilegious to admit successfully. The original breeders of these animals tended to look more at the animal than its papers. In fact the true origins of this breed are more a matter of guesswork, as studbooks were not originally kept. The Irish Draught horse was after all a working animal not a supercilious status symbol. The Irish Draught horse was expected to do a number of jobs well from plowing a field or pulling a cart to navigating the sometimes treacherous Irish countryside as his probably tired and overworked owner exalted in a weekend fox hunt. He had to be healthy as few could afford a string of replacement horses and he had to stay sound as veterinary bills were as always a thing to avoid.

No Irish Draught or Irish Draught related horse will be denied registration papers by this registry. The quality of the purebreds will be maintained by constructive advice and information by sources recognized for genetic expertise in the breeding of performance stock. This is a registry that hopes to focus on educating rather than eliminating. We hope also to encourage all Irish Draught horse owners to prove their horses in their ability to perform and compete with the best by creating incentive programs to help though perhaps only in a small way at first to defray show expenses. The Irish Draught horse was never created to be an indolent status symbol but rather a participating member of an active family struggling to survive in an often-unforgiving environment. Irish Draught horses exhibit the same courage stamina and yes-even humor of the tough unpretentious countrymen who learned from their own experiences and by their own instincts to produce a horse worthy of its Irish heritage. The best advice I can think of in the breeding of horses is to breed something you wouldn't mind having yourself. Breed what you will hesitate to part with. It is our intention to make the breeding and promotion of Irish Draught and Irish Draught related horses a pleasure, an education and to provide a support system to guarantee their continued growth and survival. Believe me when I tell you that anyone who owns or has owned an Irish Draught horse, particularly someone who has multi breed background feels sorry for any horseman who hasn't had the pleasure. My stallion Macs Blue Erin, bred by Anthea McLauchlan who with her mare Pride of Erin, Macs dam started the IDHSNA, will be the first though not the last I hope Irish Draught stallion to advertise on this site. All other Irish Draught stallions are invited register with us and take advantage of our advertising and promotional programs. Your page can be as good as your horse, your camera and your imagination. Narrow self serving minds have never created anything of value. In all things the more resources available the more positive the outcome. In this regard the outlook of this registry is probably totally American.

The term Celtic Warmblood is an appropriate alternative moniker for this breed as it's suggests the Irish heritage with a broader scope. It also conjures up visions of the warhorses of long ago and the romance and mystery of the Celtic world under the reign of the goddess Epona.


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