Why Join?

  • Receive permanent registration papers for your Irish Draught

  • Promotion of Irish Draughts and crosses as athletes with great disposition and heart

  • Free web advertising for sale of your Celtic Warmblood

  • Information and incentive programs to encourage the breeding of quality horses

  • Free web promotion of your stallion

  • Receive bimonthly newsletter on wide range of related topics

  • Be a part of state of the art technology in web advertising and design as we incorporate many new internet advances in communication

  • INSPECTIONS, no matter what defense you give them, are subjective. It is wise not to believe everything you hear. We believe that ALL Irish Draughts should have valid registration papers and that the OWNERS and trainers of these horses should have the greatest say in whether they are bred or not. Some of us long suffering horsemen just aren't very good at letting others do our thinking for us. To these people this registry is dedicated.

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